Launch your career in B2B sales

Finding a job is hard

Get equipped with high in-demand skills to upscale your career

Job searching can be daunting. It's easy to think you can apply to many job positions, but then end up not hearing back and that gets you demotivated.

Finding a match after graduation isn't easy. Even after you've finished school from a reputable university, finding a position takes time.

Companies often look for candidates that have job and industry experience even if it's an entry-level position.

Why B2B Sales

B2B Sales is ranked as the most in-demand job in Kenya today. We will train you in transferable skills such as negotiation, problem-solving, personal branding, pitching and communication. We train you in B2B Sales because we know the foundation it will lay for the rest of your career is absolutely unmatched.

How do we do it?

Our training is highly practical. You will take on a B2B Sales Project while in training where you will work with real clients to generate leads and sales for them. You will have the opportunity to earn as you learn with Yusudi. After successfully completing the training, you will then be matched to one of our employer partners for a 6-month paid probation in B2B Sales with the opportunity to become a full-time Sales Development Representative (SDR) after your probation. 87% of our graduates have found full-time jobs after our program.

By the end of your training you will:

Understand that B2B sales is all about fostering relationships and problem-solvingDiscover how to articulate your value proposition effectively and the art of persuasion in B2B SalesBe able to develop your personal brand and set yourself apart during interviewsLearn how to set goals effectively and manage your resources towards achieving themBe a part of a diverse and vibrant alumni community to network and grow with professionally

Get started now

Our next cohort starts soon, apply by January 31st, 2021.

About Us

Yusudi is Kenya’s first choice for sales solutions. We are an award-winning, NITA certified company focused on training and developing high potential sales talent as their first step into a successful career. We supply our customers with entry-level and mid to high-level salespeople and we offer a full sales outsourcing service: project-based or as a permanent solution.

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